Rules for each topic.

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Rules for each topic.

Post  Bugzy on Fri Aug 28, 2009 9:19 am

Basic Rules:
No swearing.
No Flaming.
No spamming (unless in spam section)

Administration Section:
Where you can come to introduce yourself, learn about this forum and its moderators and ask any questions.

Only 1 introductory topic per person.

Art Section:
Where you can learn different techniques, buy art for points, or show off your art.
Each Artist is required to make an Art shop within 1 week of becoming an artist, and go to the artists (this includes any mods/admins who have the ability to make art shops in the Artist section) for the best art.

Only 1 gallery + Art shop per person.

Misc. Section:

Come here for anything else that you can think of, games, discussions, point loaning, you name it!
(Point loaning is bassiclly borrowing points if you are in need of some to buy a piece of art quickly, but it will cost you Loan + interest!

1 point loan Bank per person.



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