The Moderation Situation

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The Moderation Situation

Post  Bugzy on Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:10 am

Here at Land of Art we have 4 types of moderaters, Junior Moderater, Moderater, Global Moderater and Administrator.
If you would like to become a mod, at the bottom of the forums, click either Spam mod or Junior mod (they are the 2 starting mod types) and click request to join.

Junior Mods do not have much power but they get to feel special.
If they do well at their job, then they will get 'promoted' to a normal moderator.
Normal mods have a bit more power than junior mods, and if they find someone misbehaving alot then they can ban that person.
If they do well then they will be promoted to global mod.
Global mods have loads of power and can promote members/artists to Junior Moderator.

Artists are the people who can make sigs.
They have a tiny bit of power, but that can and will be taken away from them if they abuse it. Artists are the only people allowed to make art shops.



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